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The Largest Follower Increases Of The NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is one of the moments where an athlete’s life can change dramatically (for the better) in just one second. One really interesting way to track just how many eyes are on the player is their social media following numbers, which shoot through the roof as soon as their name is called on stage. A massive gain in social followers can mean that the athlete has the potential to make a lot more money from endorsement deals, which is something we LOVE to see at MarketPryce. 


We analyzed the Instagram following of every player picked in the 2021 NFL Draft first-round, comparing their numbers from 12 pm EST on the day of the Draft and 12 pm EST the day after the draft. Here are the ten players from the first round with the largest percentage increase in Instagram followers. 

1. Greg Newsome, Pick #26, Cleveland Browns

  • Followers before the draft: 7,730
  • Followers after the draft: 22,850
  • Percentage increase: +296%

2. Jamin Davis, Pick #19, Washington Football Team

  • Followers before the draft: 6,651
  • Followers after the draft: 18,869
  • Percentage increase: +184%

3. Zavin Collins Davis, Pick #16, Arizona Cardinals

  • Followers before the draft: 6,560
  • Followers after the draft: 17,071
  • Percentage increase: +160%

4. Christian Darrisaw, Pick #23, Minnesota Vikings

  • Followers before the draft: 5,603
  • Followers after the draft: 14,546
  • Percentage increase: +160%

5. Rashawn Slater, Pick #13, Los Angeles Chargers

  • Followers before the draft: 9,203
  • Followers after the draft: 19,656
  • Percentage increase: +114%

6. Trey Lance, Pick #3, San Francisco 49ers

  • Followers before the draft: 79,827
  • Followers after the draft: 166,160
  • Percentage increase: +108%

7. Micah Parsons, Pick #12, Dallas Cowboys

  • Followers before the draft: 66,747
  • Followers after the draft: 126,171
  • Percentage increase: +89%

8. Alex Leatherwood, Pick #17, Las Vegas Raiders

  • Followers before the draft: 14,788
  • Followers after the draft: 27,711
  • Percentage increase: +87%

9. Mac Jones, Pick #15, New England Patriots

  • Followers before the draft: 149,085
  • Followers after the draft: 261,319
  • Percentage increase: +75%

10. Gregory Rousseau, Pick #30, Buffalo Bills

  • Followers before the draft: 20,848
  • Followers after the draft: 30,886
  • Percentage increase: +72%
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