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Five Tips To Turn Free Product Into Cash Deals

Working with more than 750 pro athletes on MarketPryce, we have the pleasure of seeing a lot of different deals be completed between athletes and brands, whether that be free product deals or cash deals. In the beginning of the relationship, there is always a stage of building familiarity – making sure that the athlete is the right fit with that specific company, making sure that they love the brand or product that they’re interested in working with and making sure that brands are completing their own objectives throughout the process.


There is no cookie-cutter standard for athletes building relationships with brands, or vice versa. As is the case outside of athlete marketing, building relationships or partnerships requires effort, communication, and mutual interest on both sides. That being said, everyone hopes to reach a point where each party’s objectives are being maximized, so for athletes, here are five tips that can help you advance your marketing relationships and turn free product deals into cash deals:

Make Sure It's A Brand You Genuinely Love

This is arguably the most important step to athlete marketing, and the one that will truly make an athlete’s relationship with a brand enjoyable. When you have passion and belief in a brand or their product, the ability to market or speak to your experience with it is far more effortless. If you’re working with a brand whose product you don’t truly love, it doesn’t matter how much that brand is paying you – you won’t enjoy posting or speaking about it. Make it easier on yourself and the brand that you’re working with by finding products that you have a genuine passion for. It will take your relationship with that brand much further in the long run.

Detail Events You Have Coming Up In Your Sport

If a brand chooses to work with and invest in you as an athlete, they should have a genuine interest in knowing what’s going on in your sport and with your team. Major events within your sport make for excellent opportunities that brands can take advantage of in terms of completing their objectives, so communicate and be transparent with the brand that you’re working with.

Inform Them About Events Outside Of Your Sport

Just as brands should have a genuine interest in knowing what’s going on within your sport, they should also have interest in events or milestones that you have going on outside of your sport and in your life in general. This can serve as the basis for establishing a long-term relationship with a brand if their product is something that you see yourself constantly using when you’re not competing. Maybe it’s a fashion or jewelry company, and your wedding is coming up. Maybe you have a charity event coming up that you are looking for sponsors for. Keep these things in mind. Again, the point here is to communicate and be transparent.

Empathize With The Brand And Help Them See Return On Investment

At the end of the day, whether you’re an athlete or a brand, there is one objective that everyone has in common – to have success and make money. When collaborating with a brand as an athlete, make an effort to understand how you can help the brand you’re working with do that, whether it be creating awesome content, driving website traffic, or helping them gain followers on social media. The more you can consistently display your ability to help brands achieve their objectives, the greater the chance that they’ll want to work with you long-term.

Send A Long-Term Proposal On MarketPryce

At MarketPryce, we pride ourselves on being the matchmaker. Our goal is to help athletes and brands develop genuine, meaningful long-term relationships where both parties win. As an athlete using MarketPryce, we can create proposals for you with a menu option that will increase your ability to develop long-term deals and make it easier for brands to see what deliverables you can offer them, and at what price point.

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