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NBA Draftees Experience Crazy Instagram Follower Growth

Being drafted into the NBA in a life-changing experience. Not only do players get professional contracts, but they also have incredible marketability as young pro athletes. On NBA Draft night, players see incredible social media follower growth, which translates to a big increase in their endorsement earning potential, which we at MarketPryce love to see.



We analyzed the Instagram following of every player picked in the 2021 NBA Draft first-round, comparing their numbers from 12 pm EST on the day of the Draft and 12 pm EST the day after the draft. Here are the players from the first round with the largest percentage increase in Instagram followers. 

Chris Duarte, Pick #13, Indiana Pacers

  • Followers before the draft: 34,181
  • Followers after the draft: 94,493
  • Percentage Increase: 176%

Josh Giddey, Pick #6, Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Followers before the draft: 47,234
  • Followers after the draft: 80,110
  • Percentage Increase: 70%

Moses Moody, Pick #14, Golden State Warriors

  • Followers before the draft: 44,893
  • Followers after the draft: 68,510
  • Percentage Increase: 52%

Kai Jones, Pick #19, New York Knicks

  • Followers before the draft: 20,029
  • Followers after the draft: 29,130
  • Percentage Increase: 45%

Trey Murphy, Pick #17, New Orleans Pelicans

  • Followers before the draft: 7,317
  • Followers after the draft: 10,151
  • Percentage Increase: 40%

Alperen Sengun, Pick #16, Houston Rockets

  • Followers before the draft: 46,553
  • Followers after the draft: 64,241
  • Percentage Increase: 38%

James Bouknight, Pick #11, Charlotte Hornets

  • Followers before the draft: 50,524
  • Followers after the draft: 68,285
  • Percentage Increase: 35%

Scottie Barnes, Pick #4, Toronto Raptors

  • Followers before the draft: 172,502
  • Followers after the draft: 227,051
  • Percentage Increase: 32%
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