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How To Communicate With Brands (As A Pro Athlete)

So you’re a professional athlete and you want to take marketing into your own hands? First off, you are really going to love us here at MarketPryce. Not only do we want to empower you to connect in two clicks with hundreds of companies who are specifically looking to work with professional athletes, but we want to help educate you on the best ways to go about closing more marketing deals for yourself.


Whether you’ve had experience working with an agent or not, you most likely don’t have too much experience directly communicating with companies. With years of experience working in the athlete marketing space, we’ve compiled a list of six tips to effectively communicate with brands 

1. Show Your Interest

After working with thousands of companies across any industry you can think of, we’ve seen one common trend. Every business believes they are the best at what they do. They have the best smelling shampoo, the most stylish clothes, the most effective skincare products, etc. So when brands are looking to work with athlete ambassadors, they want athlete partners who are genuinely interested in what they’re doing. 

When you find a brand you’d like to partner with, make sure to tell them why you’re interested! Is it a specific product on their website? Are you a fan of a specific cause or charity they’re associated with? The more authentic and clear you can be in why you are a fan of their company, the higher chances the brand will want to work with you back.

2. Show Empathy And Put Yourself In Their Shoes

All six of these tips are extremely important, but this may be the most important one. Once you’re in touch with the brand, you need to do your best to put yourself in their shoes. 


One trick to start — research the person you are speaking with on LinkedIn. Of course you’ll want to check the company’s profile out on Instagram and other social media channels, but understanding the person you are talking to (not just the company) is absolutely important. 


Are you talking to the Founder of the company, where he/she will be much more likely to partner with a genuine fan of the product vs someone with a large social media following? Are you talking to an Influencer Marketing Manager, where their main priority is finding people like yourself and most likely has a firm structure of what they look for in an athlete partner? Or even an Affiliate Marketing Manager, where you can expect to be asked to join an “affiliate” program?   


The more you can learn about the goals of the person you are speaking with, the more you can do to try to hit those goals, which will help your chances of creating a more long term relationship with this brand. 

3. Listen And Always Be Respectful

This is an easy one, but cannot be ignored. The person you’re speaking with will know you’re incredibly busy as a professional athlete, but you have to know they’re busy too. 


Always be respectful of whoever you’re speaking to and listen intently. Not only will listening help you learn more about the goals & objectives of the company, which in turn will help you do a better job with this deal, but you will also be able to learn something new if you go into every meeting with a learning mentality.

4. Be Communicative And Set Proper Expectations

Communication in all relationships is essential, and that is the case here as well. Like we just covered, the companies you’re speaking with will most likely know that your schedule is extremely busy as a professional athlete, so the more clarity you can give them on your schedule and availability, the better. 


If you’ve agreed to a phone call with a company or agreed to a deal with certain deadlines, but you need to reschedule, DO NOT  just say “I can’t make the call” or ignore emails from the company. We’ve seen many athletes ignore communicating the fact they need to push back meetings or deliverables in a deal and this practice leaves a really bad impression. It is always better for you to send a quick email/text/DM or some form of communication the reason you need to push back, even if you just need some time to relax. Brands will understand as long as you give them a heads up.

5. Think Outside The Box And Be Confident In Your Value

Not all marketing deals need to be “One Instagram Feed post in exchange for $X”. Most companies will applaud you thinking outside the box, where you can suggest other ways to promote their products/services in your everyday life. You’re doing plenty of awesome stuff in your day-to-day life that is really unique, reflect on that.

For example, if you’re working with an energy drink company and you really like it because it gets you ready to perform in games, do you think your teammates would also benefit from using it? If yes, you can ask the brand to send you more product to have your teammates try it and become potential brand ambassadors as well.


For another example, if you’re working with an awesome company in the fashion space and you have worked with a stylist before (or are friendly with one), why not make the introduction between the stylist and the brand? 

The more you can spread the word about the company you’re working with, pending you really love what they are all about, the better. 

6. Ask For Help If You Need It

We get it. Going into marketing deals with brands without the help of an agent can be overwhelming. We started MarketPryce to empower all professional athletes to connect directly with companies for marketing campaigns, but we want to help in the education process as well.

We understand the power of communities and we’ve started to build our own community in the athlete marketing space. If you are an athlete signed up to MarketPryce, you’re able to opt into our “Members Only Instagram DM Group”, where you can network with tons of other professional athletes who are also investing in themselves as professional athletes. 


If you’re not signed up to MarketPryce just yet, that’s ok too. You can still contact our team directly at and we can help you with anything you need regarding brand partnerships, as we’re all about building long lasting relationships with awesome professional athletes.

We’re already working with 500+ professional athletes across the globe and we are excited to continue helping you as a professional athlete take full advantage of, well, being a professional athlete!


If you have any questions you’d like us to answer next, email our CEO directly at and we can help!

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